Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Drums rolls please...

Hello my dear,

This time I only want to give you some updates on me, my life and also the blog life. For the ones who reach this blog for the first time, I`m Allie, I live in Romania and I love God with all my being. Nice to meet you and also it will be really nice to tell me something about you in the comments. I love meeting new people.

If you can`t tell already I`m quite nervous about this new update because I hadn`t wrote a post since like forever. I`ve started this blog in august 2013 after I graduated from high-school hoping that it would become a place where people could be themselves and where they would stop feeling alone. For some reason the blog went on and off since then and now, I guess it`s time to find its path again.

These last three years I`ve been quite busy. I`ve moved houses three or even four times, I had two jobs and in July I`ll graduate from college. Also I`ve met some bunch of new friends , lost others and I visited Italy. Hmm, yeah I guess this sums up a little what I`ve been doing in the past years. In the virtual world I guess I`ve only been active on Instagram (allessandrao if you want to follow) and this was all.

These days I was cleaning up my laptop (I do this only when I`m out of space for my essays) and I found out all the plans I had for the blog. I hope you won`t find it really egocentric but that folder inspired me and also made me feel guilty, like hey, girl, why did you stop? So, with new forces, I even have an agenda now where I write all my thoughts that I want to share in the blogosphere world, I hope I will make my blog achieve its purposes. Trust me, for me, being organized it is the most dreadful thing ever. I just can`t have a planner, write what I have to do and even if I write on a piece of paper: do that or go there I most likely lost it or forget that I even have it.

I`ll do my best to post twice a week without missing a day but also if I`ll feel that my experience from a day could help someone I`ll write it down even if it is not Monday or Friday. So with this being said I`m looking forward for this Friday.
Don`t forget that you are special and loved,
My agenda :-)