Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Tic-toc dear world

All the rights to the owner once again.

I have this post in mind since Christmas came around this year. By the way, what did you guys do this Christmas? Did you have snow? Yeah, maybe some all you will find this question funny `cause for you Christmas is like very summery but where I live the Christmas is not the same without the snow. It just isn`t. Coming back to you, did you receive what you want from your parents or friends? For me this Christmas was no present at all. Or at least nothing too material. I guess I can say that every single year my Christmas present is coming home to my family and spending quality time with my mom and sister and once in a while my brothers. After my winter break I go back to University being ready to start my sweet exams. ( they aren`t as sweet as it seems but let`s say that for the sake of holiday spirit) .Enough about me, and about ramblings and so on.
This post is not a New Year resolution as it was last year. Yeah, I have in mind that but it will come a lil` bit later I guess because I don`t really know yet what I want or don`t want in my life in 2015. I want to write a letter for all of you who spent the Christmas alone, for all of you who don`t have an amazing party planned for New Year`s Eve, for the ones who are upset `cause they just can`t fit in the world they live. My dear one, all I can say to you is just don`t worry. You are not the only one and you are not as alone as you think. For instance I can be your New Year`s buddy `cause I didn`t bother to do something for the end of 2014. Sleep seemed more...appropiate I guess. If you don`t like me and you don`t want to be stuck with a girl who probably live across the world than find something that suits you well. A good movie, a good book, some pretty amazing songs or whatever makes you smiley and lovely. You can dress up if you want, take pictures and send them to the team of Hidden Heart (as funny as it sounds my lil` blog has a team of amazing people who support what I do, and also the mail is on the home page for that) and I can tell you I`ll watch them, and make an entire post all about how great you looked on New Year`s. Why you may ask. Well because I can give you compliments if the people around you don`t bother to do that. Because I am pretty sure you deserve it. Why once again? Well because my dear, you are more beautiful than you can think, because you are a unique one, because you deserve more than you think. So yeah, keep in mind that you are not alone, and if it matters I am thinking about the ones who are sad this period, because I care and I`m pretty sure I am not the only one. It will be a big surprise for me if others will comment on this post saying that they care too.
In the end I want to thank to all of you who read my blog, who spend time after this talking to the others and making them smile. Don`t forget how amazing and lovely and beautiful you are and please start the 2015 with a big smile and maybe, only maybe 2015 will suprise you. 

With all my love, Alliee


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    1. Well, I'm new in reading and learning from this blog. And I care, too. So I'm here for all those who need a friend, a smile, an advice. Maybe because I need one too. But here I stand for you!
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