Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving and Hunger....

Hello my beautiful one,

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Yesterday it was a full day and when I arrived Home i just fell asleep because I was so tired. So I am sorry for not talking with you yesterday. I know for sure that some of you celebrated the Thanksgiving day. How was it? Were you grateful? If yeah, what for? Here, in my country we don't have a Thanksgiving day but I try every single day to be grateful for something because I think that being grateful to God every single day is the key for happiness. I know that some days are not the good but i am sure at least one good thing happens daily. And if we want we can make that good thing define our day. Don't you think?  You should try it and come back with a comment after 😊

For example, now, when I am writing this I am grateful for the kids I am going to meet to the Center (about my volunteer experiences I'll talk in another post) and I am grateful that i am going to see the Hunger Games. Finally. I'll come back with my oppinion about it later. So, what things make this day beautiful? If you don't want to share them please think about them and smile. You are beautiful when you smile 😊

With love, Alliee

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