Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Christmas is comiiiiiiiiiiing!!!!

Hello beautiful one,
(I don`t have the rights for the images which appear on this blog. All rights to the ones who deserve it)

How are you? How was your day? Are you excited about Christmas? `Cause I`m pretty sure I am. I mean Christmas is home and mom and cookies and friends and snow and let`s be serious for a little: Frozen. I mean, I am watching Frozen even if outside are like 40 degrees but yeah this is me and the amazing Disney studios. Coming back to my blog `cause it seems your enthusiam brought back mine what do u guys want to read on my blog? I`ll keep posting about things I love, because love is a part of my life but also what do you think about becoming a part of it too? I love having friends and I love meeting them. I know that I am somewhere in the middle in the world and you guys, well you are not. 
Firstly, I think I should be more serious about my writing because I am one of the most disorganised girls in world. If one of you know any tips&tricks about how I can be more organised I will love to hear them. And it seems that no matter how much I want I can`t have a proper topic for my blog. Like ok, Allies blog is about x and y. No, my blog is about people and me as the faulty, little girl who loves to let her heart traveling on the keyboard. Yeah, `cause every single post of mine is truly written with my heart. And on this blog you can see me as I am, and hopefully you`ll still like me after reading a few of my ramblings. And you? Yeah, you, How are you? What do u want others to know about you? 

Don`t forget that you are beautiful! 

Until next time, 

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