Sunday, November 30, 2014

Dear diary,

Usually I am very confident in myself. I am a 21ish years old girl, I am a tall one, medium weight, used to go to gym, maybe I`ll go back someday and also a happy one even if I had my share of bad things in live. A few weeks ago I was in Italy and all the people from there told me that I am a sweet&caring one. I have no idea if they were honest or not, but I prefer to think that they were. When people ask me what I like to do in my free time my answer will always be : reading a book `cause in a book I can find myself and also I can relax my mind and I can grow. I also love people. Maybe this statement is a little bit wrong and difficult to get but I really love people. I like to see people smiling, I like to make them smile, I like to help them, and I want to be a blessing in a person life. For this reason I have this blog where I am trying to write things for encouraging people and for making them feel loved and precious. Cause I am pretty sure every person is loved and precious. I know that my english is not the best one around there, I know that many of you are judging me but surprinsingly I don`t care. I just want to do what i like and following my dreams. Sadly, I don`t have enough courage for that, but i`m still trying, maybe someday I will succeed. Right now, I really have in mind and hopefully I`ll get enough courage to write a book. do you think I can do it? Do you think I have enough to share? Or maybe I should stop? Maybe I should delete my blog too? Maybe my hidden words don`t help anyone and I only mock myself? I have lots of unaswered questions and even if i don`t want to, they keep coming back. They say that nothing wrong can come from wishing to be good and do good but what if all I do is for nothing? What if? I know that I have a full road in front of my feet, I know that I can do everything I want as long as in His will, but what I`m doing is good? Should I go on? I am still trying to figure it out. 

Until later, stay beautiful and don`t forget to smile, Alliee

Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving and Hunger....

Hello my beautiful one,

All rights to the owner of the picture. Thank you, stranger for such a strong picture
Yesterday it was a full day and when I arrived Home i just fell asleep because I was so tired. So I am sorry for not talking with you yesterday. I know for sure that some of you celebrated the Thanksgiving day. How was it? Were you grateful? If yeah, what for? Here, in my country we don't have a Thanksgiving day but I try every single day to be grateful for something because I think that being grateful to God every single day is the key for happiness. I know that some days are not the good but i am sure at least one good thing happens daily. And if we want we can make that good thing define our day. Don't you think?  You should try it and come back with a comment after 😊

For example, now, when I am writing this I am grateful for the kids I am going to meet to the Center (about my volunteer experiences I'll talk in another post) and I am grateful that i am going to see the Hunger Games. Finally. I'll come back with my oppinion about it later. So, what things make this day beautiful? If you don't want to share them please think about them and smile. You are beautiful when you smile 😊

With love, Alliee

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Christmas is comiiiiiiiiiiing!!!!

Hello beautiful one,
(I don`t have the rights for the images which appear on this blog. All rights to the ones who deserve it)

How are you? How was your day? Are you excited about Christmas? `Cause I`m pretty sure I am. I mean Christmas is home and mom and cookies and friends and snow and let`s be serious for a little: Frozen. I mean, I am watching Frozen even if outside are like 40 degrees but yeah this is me and the amazing Disney studios. Coming back to my blog `cause it seems your enthusiam brought back mine what do u guys want to read on my blog? I`ll keep posting about things I love, because love is a part of my life but also what do you think about becoming a part of it too? I love having friends and I love meeting them. I know that I am somewhere in the middle in the world and you guys, well you are not. 
Firstly, I think I should be more serious about my writing because I am one of the most disorganised girls in world. If one of you know any tips&tricks about how I can be more organised I will love to hear them. And it seems that no matter how much I want I can`t have a proper topic for my blog. Like ok, Allies blog is about x and y. No, my blog is about people and me as the faulty, little girl who loves to let her heart traveling on the keyboard. Yeah, `cause every single post of mine is truly written with my heart. And on this blog you can see me as I am, and hopefully you`ll still like me after reading a few of my ramblings. And you? Yeah, you, How are you? What do u want others to know about you? 

Don`t forget that you are beautiful! 

Until next time, 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Hello my dear one, 

   How are you? What have you been up to lately? It is feeling like ages passed since I written something here and I am truly sorry for this guys. I am overwhelmed by how many of you spend time on my blog and I hope someday you`ll have the courage to write me too `cause I love talking with you.
   I know that I love to write. This is a fact. But I don`t know why my updates are so weird and so not on time. It`s not like I am the busiest girl of them all but it seems that I just can`t do anything properly even if that thing makes me happy. But please, please bear with me and keep reading. As you can see, these days my blog had a little of make-over. I really wish I`ll be able to have a proper domain but until then I`ll keep posting here.
   I don`t really know if u guys care but my life had lots of changes. I guess I`m finally growing up or something but it`s like I can see the world changing before my eyes everytime I blink. Do you guys feel like this or I am the only one? But I like the way I see the world now and I am hoping that I can share my views with you.
   Until the next time, don`t forget that you are beautiful and loved!