Saturday, September 13, 2014

More is Happiness. More becomes Enough

   We all are in the search of something every single second of our lives because we want more. More money, more friends, more succes, more rooms in the house, more time to sleep, just more. And I guess this more has actually another meaning. More is happiness. Because in the end it doesn`t matter the amount of money you have in your account, it doesn`t matter how many friends you have, it doesn`t matter how well known you are, the only thing that matter is your happiness. And when someone discover its own happiness he/she discovers that more changes in enough,
   Finding your own happiness definitely has some ups and downs and I am pretty sure that from time to time we all settle for less because the journey seems so hard. Some of us wake up after a while and go on and we become survivors and travelers again. We can`t hide the fact that this journey shape us and almost for all of us our own happiness is a surprise because we aren`t the same we were when we started the search.
    This search can be hard, can hurt, can let us for a little while hearbroken because this is how the human being is shaped and we can`t grew and move forward without a little pain.
   It is true that some people never find their happiness because they don`t know where or how to look. But hopefully they are fewer than the ones that in the end find a way to be happy and more important make others happy too.

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