Saturday, June 7, 2014


Does it ever happen to you to have so much toughts to say but in the end you can say a single thing? Well, I guess I am in that place right now. I have a million of thoughts in my head, a million of plans but in the end I remain only with my dreams cause every single time I take a step for pursuing them I don`t have enough courage.
So, I will talk here about a dream of mine which started with this blog and if any of you think that it has a chance please let me know.
I am Alle. A young woman who is pursuing a international politics degree. I love to talk and also to listen. I love making friends and also I love overanalysing things. In the end I guess I am a random woman with a dream. Last year, I realised that I wanna share with others the love I have and now it becomes interesting. God loves me so much. He loves the entire world and I feel that I can help others with my love too. I can`t reach to all the people who are in need of a friend, I can`t reach all the kids who are homeless, I can`t reach all the people in need but I really hope I can do something and be a change in this world. So I started this blog and at first I was so happy that someone read my words that maybe someone felt loved after reading my posts but as the months went I became disappointed of the answers I received. Yeah, I guess my dream needed a little push.
I started university, moving in the big city, making new friends. Now, after my first year of uni is over I can tell that I actually learn a few things about how I can be useful for this world and I guess my dream is more vivid and more alive then it was before. But I still don`t think I can do it all by myself. So, if anyone out there think that he/she can change the world too starting with his/her love and let that love grow please contact me on Twitter , MailGoogle PlusInstagram , TUMBLR and let`s be a change togheter.
I ask you, yeah you who maybe read this to try and help the ones who need. All the things start with a dream and with a open heart and hand of help. 

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  1. I rode your blog from your first entry :)
    I try to help people in my school as good as I can.
    And you changed a bit the way how I do it ;)