Saturday, March 8, 2014

Special Woman

Dear woman, girl, daughter, wife, mother,

Today I like to tell you something you should hear more often. I hope I`ll do this proper and the words will be enough. Since the day you show up in someone life you have ligtened that soul up because you are special. Even if your heart cry you know how to let the world see only your smile, even if your heart is broken you care enough and you still love, even if your world is upside down you have time to help others, even if you are alone you know how to make someone special and loved.
In your heart exists the power to change  this entire world. `Cause a woman heart can move the mountains, can carry the burdens without a single complain, can love without reservations and can create amazing things.
So, dear and beautiful one, please don`t let anyone to steal your smile, don`t let anyone to steal a piece of your heart without replacing with one of their own, don`t waste your tears for things that don`t matter. Have faith in you, in your special heart and show the world how powerful a woman is. Take time to discover the beauty you have inside and how many wonderful things you can make with it. And if people don`t tell you often, save this words and write them in your mind and heart: EVERY WOMAN IS A MASTERPIECE AND SHE DOESN`T DESERVE LESS THAN SHE CAN OFFER!
Happy Birthday wonderful!


  1. Hi Girl
    Just to let you know, I no longer log in to Twitter! Soo I am only to fing at google + I had to decide to drop one of them and twitter is the board I use actually rarely! Be good and I hope you are well and fine!

  2. :) hope you are fine? I dont know if you rode my message in twitter! I no longer use twitter!
    How is studying?