Sunday, February 2, 2014


Hello my beautiful one,

You know, I always write this posts for others and never for me. I always write `cause I know that someone on this whole world need to read, to know that He/She is beautiful. Since I`ve started this blog all I did was to try to tell to every single of you that beauty can`t be measured, can`t be classified, can`t be anything than all the things that make someone special. And because we are made different, we are special in a different way. So please stop trying to fit. You don`t have to. 
Because of this every day battle of yours, you`ll never be happy `cause you`ll never fit. No one ever does. Not even runaway models or pop-stars. Everyone is only playing an act because they know in their souls that they`re different too. 
Now, I only want to do one single thing. Let you see a little bit of me as imperfect as I am.
Yeah, I truly believe I am beautiful. And you know why? Cause I`m loved and I love, and no, for those of you who wonder I don`t have a boyfriend or a lot of friends but the few ones love me a lot. I am sure I am not the one who has this kind of people. 
I am beautiful cause I know that I am different and that this whole me it is special. I don`t try to impress cause the people who will be in my live should be the ones who like me the way I am. If they don`t then I don`t think I want them. 

I am beautiful cause I have imperfections. My hair isn`t all long and fairy, my eyes and my lips doesn`t have the perfect size and my body, well it is definitely not a model body. Why do I need one when I can perfectly live with the one I have?
I am beautiful cause God made me beautiful. He is amazing and He can`t make ugly. We only see it cause our own mind tricks us to believe that something it is ugly.
I may sound selfish or whatever you want to call me but I still love this world cause my eyes see it as beautiful as it is. Tell me you don`t see how beautiful a snowflake is, or how amazing painted a butterfly can be? Or most of all you don`t feel the beauty you find in love. If you say no, you lie...

With love, Allee

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  1. Really wonderfully said! Yepp its true, everyone is beautiful and a Masterpiece