Saturday, January 18, 2014


Hello my beautiful one,

How are you today? How your days have been? It is snowing at your place? How is school/ job going? Did you smile today? Do you start feeling that I`m asking too many questions? Well, I would love to hear your answers. But, let me tell you a story.
Once upon a time...this is how all the stories start. And you kept hearing after this some beautiful story with Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow White and of course a lot of Prince Charmings.  I am sure I wasn`t the only one who loved to read stories and to tell them to others. 
What I wanna say is that what made those stories so special were the words of love which won at the end in every one of them. 

This ( my blog, this post, my mail, my twitter, maybe my world ) is all about the words. I don`t know many of you who stopped by and read some of my words, I don`t know what your battle is, I don`t know how your heart is, but I know that I wanna share a little bit of my heart with you because I love to live in a happy world. 
With words you can do two different things. 1. Use them wisely and try all the time to not hurt someone or 2. You can use them for your own purpose and hurting everyone else with or without knowing. I can`t change the way you use this wonderful gift of speaking, but I can tell that not a single person wants to be hurt. 

For those of you who are being bullied in school I tell you that for every ugly word someone is saying about you, in time you will get happy words and full of love ones. 
Words can make all the people around you watch you in a different way because us, people, these days have an annoying habit to put labels on everyone. And sometimes those labels are so unfair and so not the person you are. I guess, you should start ignore what labels do you have `cause you don`t have to live in their shadow. 
I hope, I use my words wisely and I don`t hurt to people I know or you guys who read this. I hope I will be careful of what I say everytime and also that I use the power of words for a good purpose.
I can start by telling you that this day it is a miracle and you, my dear one, are such a beautiful and wonderful one. I know you have struggles in your live, battles and scars but I admire the way you can conquer them and the way you can start everything from scratch, i know that you are such a fierce person and even if you think no one cares I can asure you that people do care about you. They are looking at you and if they say something good or something bad this means you are seen in this world and that you don`t pass without letting your touch in it. Be happy for this and today, please use your words as wisely as you can be and trust me, you will see a change in this world.

With all my love, Allee

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