Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hello my beautiful one,
I guess I can try to write a really letter to all of you now. I guess I may wanna write a letter to the world. Yeah, I guess this are the perfect words for my intention.
I`m staying in front of a blank page and I am thinking that like many of you, I am a girl with some dreams. I am a girl with imperfections, a girl who wears glasses because she stayed too much in the books world, a girl who listen music because she doesn`t wanna feel alone, a girl who have friends only they need her but in the same time a girl who have to most amazing people in her life: my mom, my brothers and the few true friends. And I`m so lucky to have them near me. Also I am a girl who likes to help. A lot. I love to make people happy even if sometimes I don`t even know them so well, I just love being happy and making someone happy. Yeah, this is me, or at least what I think of me.
And this girl, decide that she can do something about the world she lives in, because she know that she can. So, let me start my letter.

Dear world, 

It`s me, Allee again. Thank you for being so nice for me and teaching me how to make the good choices, thank you for showing me every day how blessed I am, thank you for teaching me how to see the beauty under all the imperfection. Thank you for knowing what I need and when I need something. God knew how to make you full of wonders.
Every time I feel like I need more than I have it just happens to be reminded that are people there who have less than me. Every time I feel like I`m not loved enough some terrifying news about beaten children reminds me that I have more love than them. Every time I feel like something is wrong with my life, you, world, remind me that I have more than almost half of the globe. 
It is amazing how I can see in you all the life lesson I need. On the same newspaper page I can see some famous star spending their money and near some child who just died because he didn`t have what to eat.  On the same page I can see some famous romance and near a not so romantic girl being forced to marry or being sold by her own family. On the same page I can see how many people are interested in how purple someone hair is and how no one cares about some homeless child. 
It is almost painful to read that we live in a new world with human rights, to even majoring in this at University and in the same time knowing that the rules of the world didn`t change, only how people see them did. 
Maybe, dear world, you won`t understand this letter but I hope you`ll find it true `cause I feel like you become a shallow one, that you only care about superficial things like appereance and not about human feelings. And sadly, I know that I am guilty of this too. No matter how hard I try to be different sometimes I am just a shallow one who reads gossip, who doesn`t care and who doesn`t understand. 
I am sure my letter will reach only 0,00001 % of you, dear world, but I hope the ones who read this letter will understand that we can only start changing if we start with us . 
So, world, leave the famous ones live their life. I can assure you their fans will be happy if you only talk about their successes and every single fact about their life. Focus on what makes you happy more than money because sometimes you will succeed in finding your happiness but you`ll never have enough money to be pleased. Stop being so selfish and find people who love staying near you, love laughing with you and let the network life take a break. You will be  surprised.
Connection can be made with words outside the internet too, it worked so well before I can assure you it still does. 
I know that the way you will get to this letter of mine it will be on internet too, and this will make me shallow too but I`m sorry for this. I only want to use the power of internet for sharing my heart with the ones who care enough to read.
In the end, dear world, I hope you`ll write me back, telling what do you think about my observations and letting me know if I`m a freak or not.

With love, Allee

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