Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas spirit

Hello my beautiful one,

How are you today? What do you wanna do for Christmas? And what do you wanna change in the New Year which is around the corner?
I hope a few of you will respond at these questions and also as soon as possible (hopefuly until my finals start) I will make a special post with my answers at them.
What I wanna talk about you today? Well, as Christmas is in a week from now on I think it`s time to have a little bit of a different spirit. Don`t you think? For the last two Christmases were a little bit blurry cause my mood was so down and I couldn`t feel happy for anything. Yeah, maybe for some of you this is seem a little bit unexpected because now I am a happy person but not all the times were like this. 
But enough about sad stories. Let`s see how amazing Christmas can be. First of all, I love listening carols. They are wonderful and also make me more happy. I should listen them all year, but if I do so, I`ll not have time for other songs too. But what makes Christmas so special is the fact that we celebrate the love coming in our life throw God`s son. I mean, this is the only reason we have Christmas at all, because He was born.
As I am always saying, Jesus is God way to show us how much He loves us. So, dear, in these Christmas days keep this in mind. You have a whole month full of the best proof ever that you are loved, the Christmas celebration. 
I hope this will make you more happy and more pleased with who are you. Because you are beautiful and this season you should have more faith in you and enjoy all the blessing you have. I know that this post may sound so religious and some of you won`t like it, but His love is a part of who I am and I wanna spread His love as best as I can. Because in the end this is what matters: the love.

With all my love, Allee


  1. Hi dear friend!
    First, i am happy to hear that you are fine this christmas <3
    Hmm, what do I want to do this
    christmas? Well, we celebrate this year as usual in my uncles house! But something special is ahead and thats really exiting for me! I celebrate christmas day for the first time in my life with my real dad and his family! It is exiting and scary in one! Because I dont know how his family reacts! They know me now and i spend allready several afternoons with them and studt over night there! But christmas is different! Its a special time in the year and actually for familys to celebrate! And I hope they take me on because they like me and
    because my dad maybe told them!

    And what will I change? Stand more up for things I want to do with my future and not what my family wants me to do( not my dad and family)

    Have a nice and peacefull christmas my friend! Hope together with your family!
    Love and peace <3 Aerin

    1. Wow, dear, you will have a very special Christmas this year. You should do whatever you like to do, otherwise you`ll never feel happy with your choices. I hope will talk until Christmas, if not Have a wonderful one and I`m sure you`ll make your dad proud of you