Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Hello my beautiful friend

You are staying in your comfy sofa and a lot of thoughts don`t let you alone. You want to stand up and start doing something but you just can`t move. Your head is full of questions which seems to remain unanswered and these thoughts just don`t want to disappear.  You wish that others can see you too, you wish that others will speak to you, you want others to care for you too but all you get is mean words and ugly stares. And in your head are a lot of why`s: Why they act this way? Why they don`t see me? Why can I be one of them? and why, why, why. And you want to cry but you can`t because this will only get you more unwanted words and they will say that you are weak. And their stares are so cruel and inside you know that you can be better but you just can`t do nothing because you just can`t move. You just want to stay in that comfy sofa and stop everything because all of this is to much. To much hate, to much ugliness, just to much. Only if someone will care but it seems that everyone is too busy to live their own life and you, you are all by yourself but you aren`t strong enough to do something. You just can`t!
Today, I want to change something for you. I know that I don`t have the power to actually make you see the world in different colors but I know that I have the power to be near you. I have all the means to help you because I can love, I can care and I can listen. And today, my dear I want to tell you that YOU are THE MOST WONDERFUL AND POWERFUL PERSON. No matter what others think, no matter what others say, nothing matters because YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. So, I am begging you to stand up from that comfy sofa and make a change in your life. Because YOU are the one who can chose if YOU let others bring you down or you don`t. 
At the beggining will be hard because it will be you against them but don`t stept back, keep fighting and keep going but don`t forget that the battles need to be won with your brain and not your fists or your sharp words. And if you need someone who will be there and will support you, then add this mail in your list: withoutwordsabout@gmail.com  and also keep this blog in your favourites list. I will try to be your friend as long as you`ll let me.
Don`t forget that you are beautiful and loved!

With all my love and support, Allee


  1. I think Alle brings meaning and help to those who may feel mean people are hurting them and they are lonely and feel hopeless. I respect Alle and here ideas. @jimdnico

  2. My dear Friend! Thats really wonderfully written! You are so right! And anyone who is bullied and feels down should carry this words in his heart! Because they are so true!