Monday, September 2, 2013

Trip and..

Hello my beautiful one!

I guess this is mostly a post for me. I was on a trip these days and I discovered two girls  in such a new way.  I was traveling for 12 hours or so with these two. I am really grateful for what they are and I`m thankful to God because I met them and also because,  maybe…only maybe I`ve helped  them with my advices.
 For 2 years I was their teacher at Sunday school and I`ve tried to make all the kids in my class to see some important things. If I succeeded I really don`t know.
As I was saying, these girls are really sweet and caring and they decide to follow the path God made for them. From the first moment I said yes to this trip I was feeling that I am sort of responsible for the way I act between them and for the way I am talking and everything, because teenagers are really easy to impress. I tried to be as close to them as I could but in the last days I decided that some things need to be said .  I maybe I said things to them too harshly, I'm not sure.
I think some of you are asking yourselves “why I read this?”. Please, bear with me until the end and I`ll try to be as clear as I can.  I said in one of my previous posts that I really am fond of people and really like to help them, but sometimes I am in a dilemma or something,  because sometimes I have to say some things which aren`t so…easy to say and some people can get them wrong and they can be affected by them.
I try every single time to say everything as  pleasabelt as it can be said but some stuff can be said only in a certain way. I guess my point is…in my attempts to help people sometimes I hurt them. And before they are hurt by what I say,  I am hurt too cause I really don`t want to upset anyone.
My question to all of you is ; Should I try not to hurt them,  but then make them suffer more in the future?  Or maybe upset them a little now and help them for the future? I hope some of you will send me a comment with your opinions.

With all my love, Allee


  1. Well, it depends on what it is you could say that hurt someone!
    For example: if you tell someone that his choice of music is rubbish and she shall stop listening to that type of music....that hurts and there is no need to say it!
    If it is about lets say drugs or misuse of alcohole and you say: stop that nonsense that will kill you!
    it will hurt them too but it is right to say :)
    All you can do is, guid them, show them the right way and offer help to follow that way....but...if they dont want to follow that advice, all you can do is, still be with them and hope they are comming back!

  2. If you hurt someone make sure that it will bring more and more happy in their life.Hurting someone for something to be happy is better than get hurt ed when happy comes.....

  3. I totally agree with Aerin Iena. It all depends on the context of the message that you are trying to put across.

    Try to look at it as if someone was telling you what you need to tell them. How would you like to be told?

    Trust yourself, and just keep trying your very best. That will ultimately come across.