Friday, September 13, 2013

Me& Myself

Hello my beautiful one!

It has been a long time since I`ve been writing something. I almost feel guilty about it. But I think I didn`t feel like writing because I was such in a bad mood. My life isn`t the prettiest one and some problems made me to close myself to the world, like being all alone in my room with some books and my laptop. I didn`t think I could encourage you with something so, I decide only to read and not write.
Well, I miss speaking with someone. So, now I`m back in the business. Kidding. Today I want to write about  me. Maybe this sound selfish but I want to let you know me a little. As I was saying in my first post I am a girl. Allessandra . Almost 20 years old. Soon I`ll start the university. I`ll be majoring in European politics. And in a few days I`ll start living on my own. I`m so excited about this because I am feeling that is time for me to become an independent woman. I love my mom. She is my best friend and all the best advices I ever had were from her. I have three siblings and I adore them. These days I was speaking with my brother and I was realizing that he grew up. A lot. This is my family. Maybe you are thinking now why I don`t speak about my father too, well this is a story for another time.
I live my life with this quote in mind: always see the trials as a blessing cause this way I can be grateful to God for everything and also I can see the way He changes me.
In the end I want to share it you some quotes on my own from my own heart. Hope will help you as it helped me when I wrote them.

“The most wonderful smile is the one which put a sparkle in a teary eye!”
“It so nice to see that from nowhere comes hope and it helps you to keep going no matter what!”
All the problems will decrease if you`ll treat them with a smile!”

“Being in love is something which change everything, not only you. When you love is like world reward you with all its wonders.


  1. Incredibly moving. Good motives you have in life, and you should stick by them! :) And your quote is so true! Having the ending quotes is like a cherry on top! Enjoyed reading that very much so haha :)

  2. Thank you so much. It means a lot that you think so. The quotes from the end are mine, like I created them :-)

  3. I wish you a good start at the University! I am shure that you will go your way! You are really a wonderfull person! Stay as you are because you are kind and nice...our world need more people like you

  4. I love reading Alle's blog as she makes me feel good and now she is writing on ours too which is right here> Jim Nico