Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Why people are so mean?

Hello my beautifuls and special ones!

As you can see the I want to put a big question and this is: why people are so mean? I live in a city where Thank God the kids aren`t bullied and violence isn`t so intense but I heard that in the world kids are put in so much danger and everything. So, the stories I heard about make me wonder and ask myself why people are so mean to each other? Why they bully each other? Why someone think so low about another one? Can anyone answer at these questions? If you have an answer please feel free to comment about your opinion. I will read and also share my thoughts. I`m not some fancy woman with much life knowledge but I really care about people and I want, with and only with God help be a bless in the ones I meet. I look forward to your answers and until then I will make a research and maybe I`ll post something new about this questions.
With all my love, Allee

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