Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What we are...

Hello beautiful one!

In this post I will speak in more detail about what my idea is. First of all I create this blog as a platform for a comunity where every single of you who will write us will be also a author. Yeah, sound confusing right? This blog is about being friends and being near the ones of us who need a friend who listen all they have in mind. This idea come to me when I had a hard time in my life and I was dealing with that only with God`s help. It is the most precious thing but sometimes we need someone who can listen to us and physically tell us that He will sort all the things out. So this blog is all about this. If you have a problem in your life and you need someone to listen, pray with you or if you have a blessing and need someone to share that you have to do such a tiny little thing. Open a random post on this blog and leave a comment when you`ll say that you need to talk. As soon as possible (sometimes immediately) someone will answer you with the details and this is it...YOU GET A FRIEND. The talks will be private. I can`t tell you to write what you are dealing with on a public blog. You will write that in a mail who will be very very confidencial. I hope I make things right and you understand what this blog is. 
Don`t forget that you are special and beautiful!
With all my love, Allee


  1. I love what you are doing Alle to help people and as you know I think you are brilliant and I support you... Jim Nico, CEO/Founder/Host
    The Social Network Show on

    1. Thank you so much. It`s nice to hear that someone appreciate what I do