Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tears in my eyes...

Hello my beautiful one!

First of all I want to be so grateful to God for the windsom He gave me and for the love He has for me. I really have tears in my eyes now. Without Him I would be dead. But He said that I have a purpose and He let me live. Second of all, thank you to all of you who think that my idea is worth it. I am grateful for you guys and I`ll always be.
Now, let me speak a little bit to some of you. All of you are specials but this post is for the kids who had a hard time in their life because of the bullies, the loss of a parent, or everything bad they have in their life.
 I was a kid once. I still am, only an older one and I really know what live truly is. This post is for you guys. I want to tell you that you are specials and beautifuls and loved. The one that made you, God, loves you so much. And I really hope I can be a blessing for you. 
The trials of life are hard, the words can hurt so much sometimes and people are so mean this days ( if you have an answer at my question: why they are like this feel free to comment on my another post about this) and all of this make the life so painful. And when you are on your own, all of this become almost unbelievable hard. I want to say to you today that I am here. I am not someone important, I am not some fancy doctor with all the answer but I care for kids, I love to help and I know how to listen.You are not alone anymore. Firstly, you have God, even if you believe in Him or not, He made you and He cares for you so much and secondly you have me now, I am ready to listen and pray for you and also just be there for you in your pleasant times or your worst. Maybe I am not worthy of your attention, maybe you think that I have some hidden agenda...I can assure you that I only want to help. Hope that I will. 
Don`t forget that you are special, beautiful and loved!

With all my love, Allee

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