Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sort of...

Hello my beautiful ones!

First I want to thank you for being with me yesterday. Really really THANK YOU! And now I want to say something to you guys. We all live in a beautiful world made by God only for us. We all are made by God. Is important for every single one of us to realise that we are His beings and that He has a plan for us. In the Bible God said that we are made after His looks. This means that everyone of us is made beautiful and special and that He put in every single one of us so much good thoughts. He doesn`t have ugly people, he doesn`t have stupid people neither fat ones or other things. We are all His beautiful creation and He loves us so much. So, guys let`s realise that! Let`s realise that the only thing that change us is our way of thinking and the decission we make by thinking in a certain way. We are not mean we are just insecure about something and we think that by saying rude things or by being violent we can become someone. This is so not true. We are not single, we just create walls around us by our own choices. He made us equals, we are the ones that want to change that. It`s true that every single one of us is different but we have such a strong connection named love and love conquer everything and love set us free if we want it in our lives.
Don`t forget that you are a loved one and special and beautiful!

With all my love, Allee

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