Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Just me being me...

Hello my beautiful ones!

I am writing again a new post. I am really happy for people who spent a little of their time here on my blog. Maybe is the time to explain why I create this. I love God with all my being and I was praying for the power to love all the people as equals to me. I am so grateful that He is helping me to do that. Also I was so sad when I heard about what some people can do, things like being really cruel with anothers and so on. Yeah I know that in the world are wars and everything I don`t live in a soap bubble but my purpose is to let people know that I really want to be their friend and that`s all. No hidden agenda or anything. I really know how hard is it to pass the hard times alone and I thought and still think that I can be a friend even if a virtual one to the people who need someone to say a prayer to them or to be near them in their joy. So, guys, if you read this blog, if you under any circumstances come along this blog...please share this and also let me know about you and your dreams, your problems. I only do this because I care and because I don`t want to stay away if I can be a hand of help from someone.
Oh, and please excuse my poor english sometimes. I`m not a native english person.
Don`t forget that God made you and this means that you are special and beautiful!
With all my love, Allee

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