Tuesday, August 20, 2013

How this works...

The blog is pretty new. So I explain some things for all of you. All you have to do is to write a comment about what you feel or about what are you in searching for. I will read that comment and I`ll try all my best to listen and be there for you. If you`ll be agree your comment will become a post in this blog and you will be a co author. I hope that you`ll like this idea.
With love, Allee


  1. Ok,
    Glad to see someone doing something like this.

    My name is Ed, and I am from America. I have been through some recent challenges in my life that have left me with Kidney failure. I am just struggling to survive right now.

    6 months ago, I was within hours of dying. The doctors had written me off, and they had even sent the minister to talk with me about me end.

    At that point I made a choice to live. I fought back against the kidney failure and the various problems due to my health. I just felt it was not my time to leave. I have so much more to do on this earth.

    Yet, here I am 6 months later... Trying to find purpose. I cannot work currently. At least nothing that would be called gainful employment. And everything in America works off you having income. As I am sure it does in all countries. You see kidney failure requires that you do dialysis, (basically my blood is filtered for 4 - 5 hours every other day). Dialysis leaves you very weak and you really are forced to rest. So, I only have a few hours to work. And even those hours I cannot do anything physical.

    I try to offset this by doing things for some of my neighbors around me. Help with their computers (most are elderly couples) and trying to assist those in need around me.

    Which brings me to why I have responded to your blog. I really do think that people need a place to talk about their problems.

    And believe me I have many problems :). But, in return... I will listen as well, and try to help.

    So ... where do we start?

    1. Hello Ed! Nice to meet you and glad that you enjoy the blog. First of all, please send me an e-mail and after that we will...discover more about how we can grow our little comunity. How this sounds?
      Love, Allee