Friday, August 23, 2013

How can I?

Hello my beautiful one!

I am sure that every single one of you know what love is. Let me tell you my definition for love. For me love is the most pure feeling which bring us near to God and also transform us. Love is everything that is good in us and everything that the others give us only by saying Hi! or Thank you! And God create this wonderful feeling in us to be shared with every one. You can`t say love without thinking of others. You can`t feel this without having someone near you or at least having someone in your heart. 
I feel that I am such a fortunate to be create with this wonderful feeling. God cares for us so much and He wants us to experience this sweet and tender feeling.
Me...I love people. And this love makes me want to help, makes me want to have and be a friend, make me want to be there when someone is in need, this love that God put in me is the one which makes me the girl I am today in front of you, all the people who read this blog. I know that my work is only at its start but if anywhere in the world are people who love and want to be loved please let me know you and let us all share this beautiful feeling. 

Love is the one which makes us beautiful, love is the one which change us and makes us better, love is the one which teach us and also create the bridges beetwen one and another. Today, don`t be afraid to say I LOVE YOU! let the fear away cause love can conquer all. With love and by love we let God in our lifes and the world can change. 
Be the one who do it...only by love!
Don`t forget that you are special and beautiful!

With all my love, Allee


  1. Just Wonderful words! Lovely written! And really true!

  2. Love is the greatest human feeling and trial. What I mean is that the we do all need to truly love one another. However, sometimes that extension of love to everyone brings on trials to test that love.

    The trials of love are good for us. If we can get through them, there is a huge bonus at the end. The love of another person.

    So keep spreading the love, and as others love you back... Use that energy to help you through the trials of helping others.

    Maybe someday, we as the human race will finally truly understand and love each other despite our differences.