Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Hello my beautiful one!

As you can see in the title this post is from you,  beautiful and special girl. I am sure that I am not the only girl in the world who has some doubts about herself. Today I want to speak a little about that. Also, please excuse my english.
I am not a perfect girl. I will never be. And I don`t try to. I am  not too skinny or too fat. Sometimes I feel so insecure about me and myself. I am sure that this had happened to all of you. But we, girls, are so powerful and we can pass this times. God made us, like all of people, a masterpiece and we are beautiful. 
You, my dear one, are special. Don`t ever forget that! Don`t ever forget that you are alike the Master of this universe, our Almighty God and you are a princess.
So, when you think that you are ugly, or fat, or whatever it is in your brain which bring you insecurity think at this :  for Him you are a beloved one and somewhere in the world is someone who at the right time will love you the way you are.
Don`t get me wrong! I don`t say that we shouldn`t try to be our best all the time, I am only saying that we should know what our best is. Our best will never be the same as our best friend best or some model best or I don`t know what role model you have. Your best is only yours. Try to discover it and try to stay there.
YOU are different and special my dear one! You`ll ever be. Don`t try to change this! Don`t try to change what makes you beautiful and become soemthing you`ll never be.
Hope that you`ll understand this and you`ll try to be you because He made you this wonderful person and no one is like you.

With love, Allee


  1. You hit the spot dear Allessandra

    1. Thank you so much, honey! You can share the link if you think is worth it