Tuesday, August 20, 2013

About us...

Hello my beautiful ones!

My name is Allessandra and I create this new blog because I had in mind for a very long time an idea. An idea about a place where every single one of you who has a hard time in their life ( they are bullied, they are in a loss of someone, they are heart broken or anything like this) can speak about their problems without being judged and just being listened to. I really hope that every single one of you who are out there will find about this blog and you will find what you need here. 
Don`t forget every single person is made by God and that means that he/she is beautiful and special. So are you!

                                                                                              with all my love, Allee


  1. Yes i am interested looking for friend.

    1. Hello Banarasi jangir. Nice to meet you! I post my mail in a post so please write me about what you want and I`ll do my best to reply to you.
      With love, Allee