Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Hello my beautiful one!

As you can see in the title this post is from you,  beautiful and special girl. I am sure that I am not the only girl in the world who has some doubts about herself. Today I want to speak a little about that. Also, please excuse my english.
I am not a perfect girl. I will never be. And I don`t try to. I am  not too skinny or too fat. Sometimes I feel so insecure about me and myself. I am sure that this had happened to all of you. But we, girls, are so powerful and we can pass this times. God made us, like all of people, a masterpiece and we are beautiful. 
You, my dear one, are special. Don`t ever forget that! Don`t ever forget that you are alike the Master of this universe, our Almighty God and you are a princess.
So, when you think that you are ugly, or fat, or whatever it is in your brain which bring you insecurity think at this :  for Him you are a beloved one and somewhere in the world is someone who at the right time will love you the way you are.
Don`t get me wrong! I don`t say that we shouldn`t try to be our best all the time, I am only saying that we should know what our best is. Our best will never be the same as our best friend best or some model best or I don`t know what role model you have. Your best is only yours. Try to discover it and try to stay there.
YOU are different and special my dear one! You`ll ever be. Don`t try to change this! Don`t try to change what makes you beautiful and become soemthing you`ll never be.
Hope that you`ll understand this and you`ll try to be you because He made you this wonderful person and no one is like you.

With love, Allee

Friday, August 23, 2013

How can I?

Hello my beautiful one!

I am sure that every single one of you know what love is. Let me tell you my definition for love. For me love is the most pure feeling which bring us near to God and also transform us. Love is everything that is good in us and everything that the others give us only by saying Hi! or Thank you! And God create this wonderful feeling in us to be shared with every one. You can`t say love without thinking of others. You can`t feel this without having someone near you or at least having someone in your heart. 
I feel that I am such a fortunate to be create with this wonderful feeling. God cares for us so much and He wants us to experience this sweet and tender feeling.
Me...I love people. And this love makes me want to help, makes me want to have and be a friend, make me want to be there when someone is in need, this love that God put in me is the one which makes me the girl I am today in front of you, all the people who read this blog. I know that my work is only at its start but if anywhere in the world are people who love and want to be loved please let me know you and let us all share this beautiful feeling. 

Love is the one which makes us beautiful, love is the one which change us and makes us better, love is the one which teach us and also create the bridges beetwen one and another. Today, don`t be afraid to say I LOVE YOU! let the fear away cause love can conquer all. With love and by love we let God in our lifes and the world can change. 
Be the one who do it...only by love!
Don`t forget that you are special and beautiful!

With all my love, Allee

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

So true and lovely

The picture say it all!

Tears in my eyes...

Hello my beautiful one!

First of all I want to be so grateful to God for the windsom He gave me and for the love He has for me. I really have tears in my eyes now. Without Him I would be dead. But He said that I have a purpose and He let me live. Second of all, thank you to all of you who think that my idea is worth it. I am grateful for you guys and I`ll always be.
Now, let me speak a little bit to some of you. All of you are specials but this post is for the kids who had a hard time in their life because of the bullies, the loss of a parent, or everything bad they have in their life.
 I was a kid once. I still am, only an older one and I really know what live truly is. This post is for you guys. I want to tell you that you are specials and beautifuls and loved. The one that made you, God, loves you so much. And I really hope I can be a blessing for you. 
The trials of life are hard, the words can hurt so much sometimes and people are so mean this days ( if you have an answer at my question: why they are like this feel free to comment on my another post about this) and all of this make the life so painful. And when you are on your own, all of this become almost unbelievable hard. I want to say to you today that I am here. I am not someone important, I am not some fancy doctor with all the answer but I care for kids, I love to help and I know how to listen.You are not alone anymore. Firstly, you have God, even if you believe in Him or not, He made you and He cares for you so much and secondly you have me now, I am ready to listen and pray for you and also just be there for you in your pleasant times or your worst. Maybe I am not worthy of your attention, maybe you think that I have some hidden agenda...I can assure you that I only want to help. Hope that I will. 
Don`t forget that you are special, beautiful and loved!

With all my love, Allee

What we are...

Hello beautiful one!

In this post I will speak in more detail about what my idea is. First of all I create this blog as a platform for a comunity where every single of you who will write us will be also a author. Yeah, sound confusing right? This blog is about being friends and being near the ones of us who need a friend who listen all they have in mind. This idea come to me when I had a hard time in my life and I was dealing with that only with God`s help. It is the most precious thing but sometimes we need someone who can listen to us and physically tell us that He will sort all the things out. So this blog is all about this. If you have a problem in your life and you need someone to listen, pray with you or if you have a blessing and need someone to share that you have to do such a tiny little thing. Open a random post on this blog and leave a comment when you`ll say that you need to talk. As soon as possible (sometimes immediately) someone will answer you with the details and this is it...YOU GET A FRIEND. The talks will be private. I can`t tell you to write what you are dealing with on a public blog. You will write that in a mail who will be very very confidencial. I hope I make things right and you understand what this blog is. 
Don`t forget that you are special and beautiful!
With all my love, Allee

Sort of...

Hello my beautiful ones!

First I want to thank you for being with me yesterday. Really really THANK YOU! And now I want to say something to you guys. We all live in a beautiful world made by God only for us. We all are made by God. Is important for every single one of us to realise that we are His beings and that He has a plan for us. In the Bible God said that we are made after His looks. This means that everyone of us is made beautiful and special and that He put in every single one of us so much good thoughts. He doesn`t have ugly people, he doesn`t have stupid people neither fat ones or other things. We are all His beautiful creation and He loves us so much. So, guys let`s realise that! Let`s realise that the only thing that change us is our way of thinking and the decission we make by thinking in a certain way. We are not mean we are just insecure about something and we think that by saying rude things or by being violent we can become someone. This is so not true. We are not single, we just create walls around us by our own choices. He made us equals, we are the ones that want to change that. It`s true that every single one of us is different but we have such a strong connection named love and love conquer everything and love set us free if we want it in our lives.
Don`t forget that you are a loved one and special and beautiful!

With all my love, Allee

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Just me being me...

Hello my beautiful ones!

I am writing again a new post. I am really happy for people who spent a little of their time here on my blog. Maybe is the time to explain why I create this. I love God with all my being and I was praying for the power to love all the people as equals to me. I am so grateful that He is helping me to do that. Also I was so sad when I heard about what some people can do, things like being really cruel with anothers and so on. Yeah I know that in the world are wars and everything I don`t live in a soap bubble but my purpose is to let people know that I really want to be their friend and that`s all. No hidden agenda or anything. I really know how hard is it to pass the hard times alone and I thought and still think that I can be a friend even if a virtual one to the people who need someone to say a prayer to them or to be near them in their joy. So, guys, if you read this blog, if you under any circumstances come along this blog...please share this and also let me know about you and your dreams, your problems. I only do this because I care and because I don`t want to stay away if I can be a hand of help from someone.
Oh, and please excuse my poor english sometimes. I`m not a native english person.
Don`t forget that God made you and this means that you are special and beautiful!
With all my love, Allee

I am waiting for you

Hello there!

I just want to say to you that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND SPECIAL! Never forget this and don`t ever let anyone make you feel otherwise. I am not here to judge you or anything I just want to be that kind of friend who listen you when no one is there for you or that kind of friend who will enjoy your blessing with you. So, feel free to contact me. I let the e-mail here on this blog if you are to shy or you want to be private. What I want with this blog is to create another kind of internet connection between people so...if you make me the honour to click this link...please let a comment with your one and only view of the world and contact me to support my cause. 
Try to be a blessing for everyone and never to what you don`t want others to do to you!

With all my love, Allee

Why people are so mean?

Hello my beautifuls and special ones!

As you can see the I want to put a big question and this is: why people are so mean? I live in a city where Thank God the kids aren`t bullied and violence isn`t so intense but I heard that in the world kids are put in so much danger and everything. So, the stories I heard about make me wonder and ask myself why people are so mean to each other? Why they bully each other? Why someone think so low about another one? Can anyone answer at these questions? If you have an answer please feel free to comment about your opinion. I will read and also share my thoughts. I`m not some fancy woman with much life knowledge but I really care about people and I want, with and only with God help be a bless in the ones I meet. I look forward to your answers and until then I will make a research and maybe I`ll post something new about this questions.
With all my love, Allee

How this works...

Hello again!
I was thinking about this and I realise that some of you maybe are shy or something so I create special for you an e-mail where you can write: withoutwordsabout@gmail.com. I am expecting your mails and everything and please guys...this blog is for you. Let me think in comments what you want to read here and I`ll do my best to fulfill your wishes.

With love, Alllee

How this works...

The blog is pretty new. So I explain some things for all of you. All you have to do is to write a comment about what you feel or about what are you in searching for. I will read that comment and I`ll try all my best to listen and be there for you. If you`ll be agree your comment will become a post in this blog and you will be a co author. I hope that you`ll like this idea.
With love, Allee

About us...

Hello my beautiful ones!

My name is Allessandra and I create this new blog because I had in mind for a very long time an idea. An idea about a place where every single one of you who has a hard time in their life ( they are bullied, they are in a loss of someone, they are heart broken or anything like this) can speak about their problems without being judged and just being listened to. I really hope that every single one of you who are out there will find about this blog and you will find what you need here. 
Don`t forget every single person is made by God and that means that he/she is beautiful and special. So are you!

                                                                                              with all my love, Allee